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FF1108 1CWLAWireless Sensor Only
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1) Display:2.4inch TFT color LCD
2)Back lighting: On/off White LED
3) Depth Capability: 147feet(45m)
4) Sonar Coverage: 90 degrees beam angle in 125Khz
5) Power: 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries
6) Waterproof design: level-4(spray-water-proof)
7) Water depth,water temperature, fish location, bottom contour can be constantly obtained from the water
8) User selectable sensitivity zoom,units,depth range,shallow alarm,fish icon,fish alarm,and chart speed setting
9) Built in memory stores sonar setting when the fish finder is turned off
10)It’s better to charge the device before use.

This model is Wireless fish finder

HIGH DEFINITION LCD can clearly display the underwater condition.

fish attractive lamp makes fishing easier by luring fishes

Fish alarm: Selectable Large, Medium, Small fish

adjustable sensitivity setting: Selectable 9 levels of sensitivity

60m wireless operating range& 45m detective water depth

self-adjusting depth scale: Seletable specified water layer fish information

1.Wireless Signal 8.W-sensor Battery Indicator

2.Sensitivity 9.Battery strength indicator

3.Water depth 10.Depth upper limit

4.Water temperature 11.Water surface

5.Medium fish icon with depth 12.Small fish icon
with depth

6.Bottom contour 13.Large icon with depth

7.Left arrow 14.Depth low limit

15.Menu key

16.Right arrow

​17.Power on/off

Switch 1 for W-sensor

Working Indicator

Switch 2 for fish attractive lamp

Charging Port

Charging indicator

How to use Lucky fish finder?

1.Tie it to the end of fishing line and cast it into the water
2.wireless sonar sensor send sound waves
3.returned echoes transmitted to the fish finder


1.Default power adapter is European. For UK or USA, please contact customer service.

2.Language menu:

3.If wireless sensor is not put into water, it will switch to resting state automatically and sonar stops work.
Only after put into water, it will work.

4.Use fish finder in smooth and hard place (like water tank, swimming pool, water bucket, or fish pond) will cause repeatedly sonar reception, or the the detection can be inaccurate.Please test in outdoor deep water.

Additional information

Brand Name


Power Source

DC 10V-18V



Sonar Frequency

Wireless: 125Khz

Detecting Range

0.6-183 Meter

Power Input

DC 10-18V

Sonar Coverage

90 degrees bean angle in 125Khz

Depth Capability


Back lighting

On/ Off White LED


3.7 V rechargeable battery

Waterproof Design


Menu Approved Language


Manual Approved Language



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